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As a speech therapist and a person with a stutter, I understand first hand how living with a communication impairment can be frustrating and isolating. I bring to RESPOND Speech Therapy my experience as the clinician and the client to each personalized session. I aim to provide therapy that is:

  • personalized and meaningful to your life
  • evidenced-based treatments
  • focused on improving your quality of life

I am certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). I earned a Bachelor of Education in Speech Language Pathology at the University of West Georgia, and a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of South Alabama. I am a member of Aphasia Access, the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences, and ASHA's Neurogenic Communication Disorders Special Interest Group (SIG), all of which help me to stay "in-the-know" about current research and best practices.

My family & I have loved living in the Chattanooga area since 2007. My clinical experience includes skilled nursing, rehab hospital, and home health settings. I love being a part of the journey to better communication. My mission is to help adults living with communication disorders--- and their families--- to thrive through treatment, education, and enhancing their ability for meaningful life participation. 

I look forward to serving you.

Mission Statement

To provide affordable, intensive speech therapy services for adults living with aphasia and other neurological disorders that impact daily communication. To allow people with aphasia to pursue their communication goals in ways that are meaningful to them and their families.

Vision Statement

RESPOND’s vision is to build a community that supports the needs of the person with communication impairment and their family...starting with improving communication for better participation in life activities.