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Neurological disease can affect speech and voice production. Apraxia, dysarthria, aphonia, and decreased vocal volume impairs your ability to be understood.

Speech & Voice Evaluation

  • Formal & informal testing of articulation and voice impairments as a result of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, tumor, stroke, brain injury. Allow up to two (2) hours for completion.
  • I am a LSVT LOUD® trained clinician
  • Important! I recommend being evaluated by an Ears/Nose/Throat (ENT) physician before seeking voice evaluation. Some voice problems are due to structural damage or abnormalities that cannot be fixed with speech therapy.

Speech & Voice Treatment

  • Up to 60-minutes each session to address speech and voice impairments that affect your daily communication.
  • LSVT LOUD® treatment is an evidence-based, intensive speech treatment provided in sixteen (16), one-hour sessions. It trains people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders to use their voice at a more normal loudness level. Check out for more information.