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Our Intensive Aphasia Treatment is a personalized and evidence-based treatment plan that includes family & caregivers and encourages socialization.

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is the acquired speech, language, and cognitive impairments that result from neurological disease---usually a stroke or traumatic brain injury. However, it can occur due to a brain tumor, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease. There is no medical cure for aphasia. However, growing research supports people with aphasia are able to make improvements with their communication when given access to appropriate speech therapy services. Improvements can be made even years after onset.

Why ‘Intensive’ speech therapy?

Intensive speech therapy refers to the approach and the increased frequency of treatment. When prescribed appropriately, intensive speech therapy using evidence-based approaches promotes neuroplasticity---the brain’s ability to change and reorganize---over a shorter amount of time. This means more effective communication and better quality of life.

What is the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA)?

LPAA is holistic, patient-centered approach utilized by aphasia programs across the world to address the communication needs of people with aphasia (PWA). This approach to treatment:

  • Allows PWA to determine how, and with whom, they want to communicate.
  • Facilitates communication access for activities that are meaningful to PWA.
  • Calls on the COMMUNITY, and especially healthcare providers, to increase communication access for PWA

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Aphasia Evaluation

  • Formal & informal speech/language/cognitive testing with goal setting using LPAA principals.
  • Allow at least two (2) hours for completion. A family member or caregiver is required to be present. Preferably someone close to PWA and his/her routine.

Aphasia Treatment

  • Sessions up to 90-minutes of intensive, patient-centered treatment guided by LPAA principles.
  • A personalized, functional, and evidence-based treatment plan that includes family & caregivers and encourages socialization.