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What is Aphasia?

Submitted by hfannin on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 09:01

It is amazing that so many people live with aphasia yet most of America has no idea what aphasia even is. Aphasia is a language impairment caused by brain damage, usually a stroke or brain injury. It affects a person’s ability to communicate, NOT their intelligence. Difficulties with speech, reading, writing, and/or speech comprehension can vary in severity, and can give an impression that the person is “not all there.” But they are. And the impact aphasia has on their lives is staggering. Imagine not being able to fully communicate to family or friends, the waitress at a restaurant, or your doctor. People with aphasia suffer loss of employment, loss of social relationships, greater risk of depression, and the list goes on. Progress with community supports has been made to address the needs of people with physical disabilities and hearing impairment. However, it seems those with speech and language difficulties, like aphasia, have a harder time getting access to services and communication accessibility in the wider community. 

But there is hope. RESPOND wants to bring together the aphasia community with groups like the Aphasia Intensive and Aphasia Social Club. From there we can build on the services and activities that matter to you. If you or a loved one has aphasia, find out how individual speech therapy treatment and attending an aphasia group can help you gain confidence in your communication.